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STRANZ Immobilien in Kaiserslautern/Otterbach and Munich

Property Management

Owning real estate is desirable - if it wasn’t for a minor “flaw”.

“Who will look after my property?”

A question frequently underestimated yet so important, particularly when it comes to rental property!

Here are some examples:

These are only some of the basic questions that arise, without going into specific cases such as legal problems, rent arrears and subsequent debt collection procedures, communication problems with tenants etc.

For a comparatively small fee we will take full care of these concerns. Choose the option that best suits your individual needs - from simple property administration to a detailed “all inclusive” package.

Do what a lot of satisfied customers have done before you: Spare time is getting more and more precious, so enjoy your well-deserved and limited free time by handing all your property concerns over to the professionals.