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STRANZ Immobilien in Kaiserslautern/Otterbach and Munich

About Us

The real estate brokerage firm “Immobilien Stranz” was founded by Roman Stranz in 1991. After graduating from high school in Kaiserslautern in 1979, Mr. Stranz attended the Technical University of Kaiserslautern where he took up his studies at the Department of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Regional and Environmental Planning.

By 1982 he already worked part-time for well-known building contractors in Kaiserslautern. After his pre-degree examination, he extended his professional activities to renowned regional architecture firms and engineering offices, dealing with tasks already fit for a graduate engineer. Before the end of his course of studies he accepted the offer of a partnership with an architecture firm.

In 1991 this professional commitment led to the foundation of the real estate company “Immobilien Stranz”, initially intended as a marketing instrument for the projects developed at the planning office. Shortly thereafter our firm deals with real estate of all kinds. This background of expertise is one of the factors why “Immobilien Stranz” acts as an advisor and marketing partner for regional credit institutions as well as church and welfare services.

Due to a project development and project management commitment for the German subsidiary of an international construction and property company, Mr. Stranz handed the firm over to his wife Simone who has managed the company since 1993.

Roman and Simone Stranz's various areas of activity have changed and grown through all of their activities. This led to the establishment of two new companies in 2014: the real estate sales and rental company "Stranz Immobilien Vermittlungsgesellschaft" and the real estate management company "Stranz Immobilien Verwaltungsgesellschaft," which will be taking over the business activities of "Immobilien Stranz" starting in 2015. Please refer to the "Topics" section for further details about our various areas of activity.